Monday, January 10, 2011

Open Air...

Happy New Year to each of you!

I would not say that I have spring fever, but I think my camera may be catching a small case.  I am enjoying the crisp cold air, the snow and the foods that you crave on a cold night.  I enjoy cuddling a little longer and having an excuse to stay in for the night.  I am looking forward to the open air of spring though.  I hope to have my calendar booked from wall to wall with kids that bloom right along with spring!  I cannot wait to play outside with my portrait kiddos again.  We will have all new colors, all new leaves, and all new memories to make!

While it is still winter though, revel in the chill with me!  Let's plan a shoot at your kitchen table and let your kids make a baked treat from scratch.  Since we have to stay in anyway, let's make portrait time your child's birthday party and capture that special day like never before.  Or, how about clearing off a wall with some hardwood floors under it and giving that special one year old a birthday cake to devour in nothing but a party hat and a diaper!  Let's fill a room with balloons and let your little one explore it!

Let's renew our spirits in this new year!!!

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SueWags said...

Great pics Abby! And you will be glad to know that I booked a photographer to take shots at Gigi's 1st (1 year 2 month and 17 day) birthday party when Grandma is here! :)