Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Little girls...

The little girls of the Steinfeld family are definitely made up of sugar and spice!

 I love to photograph siblings, possibly because I love my own so darn much, and I will not rest until I get that shot.  We, the siblings and I, play many games while trying to capture that perfect shot.  Most of the games are invented on the spot to fit the photo I am trying to capture and the personalities.  The game must have the perfect mix of challenge, silly parts to envoke laughter, and ease so that we end up with smiles instead of puzzled faces.  My favorite thing about these games we play...I end up giggling just as much as the kids when the outcome is something I never imagined!!!

These two girls had me rolling laughing once I figured out the game they were playing was not quite the same one Mom and I were playing, which is why I was receiving so many unsolicited hugs.  
The end result was precious!

Make-believe, funny noises and starring contests are just a few of the additional perks that come along with this fantastic job I have!!!

Taylor warmed up to me right away.  She was happily the first one to have her photos taken to show Ashlyn how it all worked. She knew all the best spots to have your photo taken!

Ashlyn was so sweet.  She wanted to know how the camera worked and wanted to be behind it taking photos right away.  She took a few of me to investigate and once she warmed up we started and caught some beautiful moments.

(eating snow, which it turns out is coooold!  brrr)

Steinfeld family:  I will gladly come and photograph you anytime.  Thank you for welcoming me into your home and sharing your Holiday cheer with me!

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SueWags said...

Love them! My favorite is the top one! How precious! Great job! Love, Aunt Sue :)