Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Big Snow...

Overnight and into the morning we had our first big snow here in Chicago; therefore, it was Oliver's first snow ever!  He took one look at it once he got to the bottom of the stairs, turned tail, and ran back up!  Bella remembered what it was instantly and was so thrilled to be back in "Id-o-wa" (that is what we make her call the midwest in dog speak).

Bella tosses the snow up in the air with her nose and by digging her paws underneath it and then jumping.  She soon taught Oliver the joys of the powder and the four of us were soon running in wide circles playing!

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SueWags said...

Cute doggies, of course, but I think I need the picture of the holly berries with snow e-mailed to me so that I can get it framed and have it up during the winter! A little present for Aunt Sue? :) xoxoxo