Friday, December 3, 2010


I love books, not the worst confession in the world.  There are much worse things to be addicted to, but this addiction of mine is getting a little out of hand.

The problem is that I love books so much that I like reading book reviews almost as much as I like reading actual books.  This means a lot of lost time on Amazon, the NYT and NPR.

This leads to another problem. While reading these book reviews I feel a sense of immediacy.  I have the urge to immediately go onto the library's website and put them on hold.  This usually leads to me having 5 books at once, and not a lot of free time to read them all, but that is again not the worst problem to have.  This is also better than my former habit which was ordering them from B&N or Amazon before I found the free pleasures of the library's queue. 

This all culminates in my biggest problem: I desperately want, but cannot bring myself to own, a Kindle.  If I own a Kindle I fear I will put my sense of immediacy and love of book reviews into the bad habit of downloading copious amounts of reading material and then never getting anything fully read.  There I said it, the reason I cannot bring myself to buy a Kindle is because I love books too much!

Whew...any suggestions of what I should read next??? ;  )

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b's bling selling mama said...

boo the kindle. you'd need a nook so you can share books with Ally & me.