Monday, December 6, 2010

Color in winter...

I got to spend the morning with Miss Clarice and Miss Sonia, and the adults they love, recently! :  )

Cindi and Nick were adventuresome enough to drive into the city and meet me at the Oak Park Conservatory during our recent "dusting" of snow.  Nick said, "big deal"; I said "Yay, I made it here alive!".  It might have been snowy enough to capture some snow baby photos, but inside the conservatory was nice and warm.

It was beautifully outfitted with Poinsettas, a beautiful Ponderosa Lemon Tree with lemons the size of the girls' heads, and many other beautiful plants.  The main attraction was the coy fish and a parrot named George though.   The girls took turns getting to play model with me, while the other got to play "Hello George" with Dad.  We had the conservatory virtually to ourselves and I had so much fun capturing these twins separately and the whole Pesce gang as a family!!!

This is sisterhood!

I have another gorgeous family to share with you tomorrow...featuring another set of twin girls!!!

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SueWags said...

Love the sister hugging one as well as the one of the blonde one running! Great job! Love, Aunt Sue :)