Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Date Night...

Evan and I went on a yoga date tonight.  It was our first yoga class together in quite awhile and I must say he is the best!  It was an all-levels class so it was not as challenging as he would like, but it was super relaxing!  If you are in need of a stress reliever I highly suggest a low-level or all-level class.  They are all about breathing and your basic stretching poses.

Evan put us front row center, apparently we are both the front row center kind, and when she asked if anyone was new our hands shot up.  When she finished "...new to Yoga?," we both bashfully mumbled over each other, "well no, not new to yoga, just new to this class, sorry."  The rest of the class went smooth until Evan's hand once again shot up into the air to volunteer us to demonstrate a group activity to the class. 

It was essentially a backbend, but she was calling it a "dropback" which sounded scarier.  I hear her say great, two volunteers...apparently I had been volunteered due to proximity, so I stood up.  The teacher and Evan stood on either side of me and supported me as I eased into a backbend.  It wasn't so bad until the teacher released me.  Evan knew better and made up for the lack of support, which I was not ready for, but my back still stressed on her side.  Next time I will just do this little doosey with my husband...or the balance ball.  I tried the balance ball next and it was pure bliss.

Moral of the story, I put my trust in only my husband at Yoga class from now on, which I think will become a Tuesday tradition!

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