Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh the South...

Oh the love/hate relationship I have with the South is alive and well!  I love the south - I love the beautiful scenery, the rolling hills and abundance of streams, the loving and lovely people, the laid back attitude - I LOVE being in the South!  That is, until I try to get something done, that is when it dawns on me - this is my favorite place to vacation, but I could never do it.  Oh, and "no thank you, I'll pass on the sweet tea".  I need things yesterday sometimes, and this just does not compute on an average day in the south.

All that understood, we had an amazing little vacation in Fayetteville, Arkansas!  I had never been to this corner of Arkansas and we were both so excited to spend some time there.  We took time to explore the University campus, including their very fun campus town, and Amanda and I went to see Bill and Hillary Clinton's first home near the campus while the boys were golfing.  It was a beautiful campus.  Their football stadium is right in the heart of the Greek district and campus.  It is open along one corner so that you can see down into it.  I can only imagine how fun it is to be on campus on Game Day!!!

One of our favorite adventures was to a bar where the shots were poured into a frozen shot glass.  It seemed only fitting to head there after a wedding - after all, pretending you are Greek and able to smash plates and yell Opa in celebration is a dream we all share!  It was fun and gave me an excuse to
 let out my inner (suppressed) collegiate.

 Jeff and Ally's wedding was absolutely breathtaking, the weather was perfect!  It took place in front of a small stone church that you could only reach by taking a one-lane wooden bridge across a creek.  Once you crossed the creek the road opened up onto a large clearing in the woods with the church tucked down into the corner.  The reception was held in a large banquet room that was transformed into a fabulous autumn affair!  

All in all it was a fun and relaxing trip.  My camera also received a vacation and was rested and ready to photograph the Krzmarzick family today!  They are such a cute family and Michelle is such a fabulous Mother - I can't wait to work with her more! : )


SueWags said...

That sounds SUPER fun! I absolutely love college campuses! Mick's hope is to buy a RV and do some serious college football tailgating some day. We'll have to put Arkansas on the list of "must-goes"! :)

Abby Evans Photography said...

Yes! We decided that we would love to go back for a football game!!! I also want to make it down to Alabama!

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