Friday, October 8, 2010


I need to remember to make time to eat during the day!  If I get out of bed, brush my teeth and hit the computer I start working and then forget to take breaks to eat!!!  Facebook break, potty break, dog walk break - yes, those are all built into my day, but not a regular time for good eats.  I seriously sit down at my computer and am immediately so enthralled with what I am doing that I do not even realize that I am hungry until my hands start to shake!

So, the benefit of this would seem to be weight-loss, right?  Wrong!  It might be if I didn't insist on making a three course meal every night (that is a different story), but alas - when you head to the fridge and decide on Mac and Cheese with Ketchup everyone loses.  

Now don't leave me hanging out here by myself on the Mac n' Cheese avec Ketchup confession!  What I really need is Grandma near by to make me a nice healthy sandwich! : ) Or, maybe I need to set myself lunch reminders in Outlook!

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