Monday, September 27, 2010

Space Child...

In my search for news and wisdom on Thursday afternoon I came across Smithsonian Museum Day and scored two free tickets to the Alder Planetarium!  (Yeah, that's right, I read that much and every once and awhile it pays dividends.)  It was amazing.  My favorite exhibit was a temporary exhibit on telescopes throughout time.  You were able to see telescopes from the 1600's, 1700's and the 1800's.  One of Evan's favorites was a telescope made out of Ivory recovered from Germany dated circa 1660.  Another favorite was Isaac Newton's telescope (or one like it) that was 22 feet long.  He believed, falsely, that the only way to increase magnification was to add length and more mirrors to telescopes.  The whole museum was wonderful.

We also received a different kind of education while standing in the 30 minute line to get into the museum.  There were 3 new college students behind us debating politics, life pursuits, and other things that you think you know all about as a newly minted collegiate.  My favorite quotes were:

"Who cares if she doesn't know who Anne Frank is, 
in 100 years no one will study that period in history anymore." 

Girl: "He is double majoring in Physics and Mathematics" 
Boy: "Well what good is that - his only career option would be a professor, 
you cannot do research in Mathematics" 
Girl: "Yeah, he could do research in Physics I guess, but not in Mathematics."

There were many other little gems of knowledge that we came away with from their very loud conversation.  You would think that being so wrong, and so close-minded you would keep your voices down.

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