Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am a little odd...I know.  I think it started a long time ago.  I was walking through the cheese aisle in the grocery store yesterday and while browsing my eyes meet one of my favorite childhood snacks - Port Wine Cheese Spread.  The thought that came to me right away was "yes, I have to bring that home - I have not had that in forever!".  I brought it home and ate a bit too much of it.  With my craving subsided the thought that came to me this morning when I saw it in my fridge was "what an odd thing to be a childhood favorite."  I mean, what child should look forward to sitting down to Port Wine Cheese Spread, Genoa Salami, Gourmet Honey Mustard and some crackers?  So maybe that is where it all started.


Have you ever had that spread, if not, you should try it.

Here is another favorite.


Ginger Ale feels fancy to me.  It is my drink of choice whenever we are on a plane.  I know a can of soda is one of the least special things, but whenever I taste it I whisked hundreds of miles up into the clouds on my way to somewhere fabulous.

What are some of your odd childhood favorites?


Maddie said...

Seriously, Port Wine Cheese Spread is the best! My airplane special drink is either Ginger Ale or Tomato Juice (not sure why). Gmas Cinnamon Sugar toast was also the best and still is... I crave if often!

Stephanie said...

Nic is a personal fan of port wine cheese spread. His is decidedly less fancy than yours because he doesn't like mustard. ;) Mine is definitely sticks of extra sharp cheddar cheese wrapped in hard salami.