Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have had a sick puppy for the last couple days.  He seemed okay on Tuesday, but his eye was red and it had a lot of goop in it.  Wednesday I woke up and he was starting up at me as I sat up in bed.  I crawled out and onto the floor with him and he immediately pushed his eye into my stomach and just held it there.  Held it there with a bit of pressure and a steady unmoving body.  I was planning to wait 48 hours until Thursday to see if it improved, but that was his way of telling us that I had to take him that morning.

We went to the vet and he started shaking as he always does when he is unsure about a new place and Bella is not there to reassure him.  As I left the house with just him I could tell he was stressed and did not want to leave Bella.  I imagine it is like when you were a kid and you spend some special time one-on-one with a parent, you can tell it is special, but it is kind of odd and unreal being there without your sister/brother.  Or, when you have three friends that always hang out together and then for some reason you are missing that third friend, and it is just the two of you, and you are unsure how to operate as two.  If you can sympathize with either of those situations, I think that is how Oliver feels.

The vet was very nice and he really liked both women that we interacted with.  They put a fluorescent dye into his eye to check for scratches, but thankfully he didn't have any.  It appears to be an eye infection, which looks incredibly painful still.

Oliver and I bonded that day.  We snuggled on the couch and I babied him to the best of my doggy-mama abilities.  He was no more than 3 feet from me the entire morning.  After only two applications of the medication you can just see that he is feeling better and that makes me extremely happy.  With all of my dogs I have always had that moment when they show me that they need me and recognize me as their family.  I've already had a few mild ones with Oliver, but when he pressed his head into my stomach for comfort that was the one that solidified  that feeling.  I love my little family.


special because he really isn’t allowed on the couch

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