Friday, September 3, 2010

Rounding it out...

To round out the week here is a revisit of the photo below.  


I was playing with black and white presets and trying to make up some new interesting mixtures with more depth than your average black and white.

I thought I would use this photo because I loved it so much in color, I wanted to see if I could love it in black and white.  I think the loss of color brings out a whole new story to the photo.  Before I mostly saw his eyes and the bold "fun-ness" of the photo.  Now I see more of the innocence of it, I notice his parent's arms framing him more and am taken into his small stature and smile more than before.


Think I am right?  Which one do you prefer?

1 comment:

Maddie said...

I like the black and white one more. I think you are so right- when I saw the black and white one I noticed the parents arms a lot! It just depends on which mood you are going for but I like the black and white.