Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Morning Coffee...

My adventures in morning coffee continued this morning.  I guess I need to ask Evan how he decides whether or not to make coffee that morning.  Today was a drowsy rainy morning and I could barely fall out of the bed this morning.  To me, it would seem like a sure fire coffee day, but alas my wonderful coffee brewing husband must not have seen it that way.

So, I am left to my own devices.  I worked in a coffee shop for probably 10 months or so in college.  I can brew one mean espresso, but in all of that time I worked the afternoon shift and we did not brew regular cup o'Joe coffee at those hours.  Looking back on it I think of it as odd, but then I think of the Starbucks "barista" pushing a series of preprogrammed buttons to make sure your carmel macchiato is the same as last time you had it and I feel better.

I have now determined it does not matter what grounds I use really, it is the proportions.  I try to make the amount of coffee I want to drink and Evan always brews the same amount.  Turns out this is the one thing he is willing to waste and I guess I never noticed.  So with my new knowledge and wasteful new outlook on morning coffee I set out to make a pot this morning and....success!!!  I am happily enjoying a cup of the rich black gold and the little morning faries no longer have to prop my eyelids open!

Now for some post processing!!!

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b's bling selling mama said...

Mike's a way better coffee brewer than I am too... This means my morning tomorrow will not be all that great. I'll have to get the breakfast blend sometime!