Friday, September 24, 2010

Dinner Party Playbook...

I have heard this now in a few places, but maybe you have not.  
Parking tickets in Cambridge, Massachusetts now have yoga instructions printed on them.  
The women responsible for this calls it a form of public art and hopes that it makes people think before becoming angry with the parking enforcement department.

I saw two stories that both said the the same thing from two directions.  
- Younger drinkers prefer microbrews. -   
The first story I saw said that there are a few larger brewing companies like Guinness trying 
to market their own microbrews, which they then call craft brews, to these drinkers.  That seems 
reasonable to me.  The second story that I read said that Budwiser is going to spend all next week 
giving away free Bud's in bars where Bud is not usually the top pick and 
craft brew sales are historically high.

British children's pocket money has fallen to a seven-year low.  I wonder how they determine this, 
but I thought it was interested none-the-less.

I am just going to copy this one exactly as I saw it.  Should make for an interesting Black Friday. 
- By the end of this month, LCD TV prices will be about 5 percent lower than they were at the 
same time last year, according research firm DisplaySearch. But a tailspin will start in October: 
In the last three months of the year, the firm forecasts that prices will keep falling until they 
bottom out at 12 percent below 2009 levels.

And on a personal note - Google is infuriating!  It thinks it is smarter than me.  I will not let it get the better of me.



Maddie said...

What a cool picture! Is that one of yours?

Abby Evans Photography said...

Of course! I think next week might be "Graffiti Week"...we can keep the grunge theme going.

Maddie said...

I love it.