Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dinner Party Playbook....

Here is your Dinner Party Playbook for the weekend of September 17th.  Funny enough I might have to employ a few of these topic myself tonight.  I am an attendee at a dinner party tonight actually! :  )

Starbucks has removed the tall sized drinks from many drive through windows. 
 They say is it to unclutter the menu, but since they recently decided to add the "trenta" 
my guess is that the average drive-through-er has no interest in limiting their caloric intake.  
They could also just eliminate the whole menu and in big letters write "We know your addicted, 
we also know you know exactly what you want and could care less how much it costs, 
are you ready to order?"

Reportedly the Army has cut the amount of push-ups and sit-ups a new recruit has to
 perform in basic training to virtually zero.  New recruits will no longer have to do nearly as 
many push-ups and sit-ups.  The general in charge of basic training says "we were finding 
that the recruits we are getting for today's army are not in as good of shape as they used to be".  
Thank you "wait, wait, don't tell me"!  "Now drop and give me one....-ish".

It is not just people who have different accents, but bats as well develop dialects 
depending on where they live which can help identify and protect different species, 
according to Australian scientists.  Thank you Reuters - I was not really surprised by this 
to tell the truth.  It seems reasonable and obvious that different colonies, in different areas 
would develop different calls.  Interesting though.

5 wives have come face to face with their husband's mistresses at the top of the
 collapsed Chilean mine.  I thought it was a little comedic gem in a bad situation. "One of 
the trapped Chilean miners is in no rush to be rescued -- because 
both his wife and his longtime mistress will be waiting for him 
when he finally sees the light of day. Neither woman was aware of 
the other's existence until they met at a candlelight vigil for the 
miners, The Sun newspaper of Britain reported."  
Thank you NY Post headline!

I couldn' t pass up one more from this weeks "Wait, Wait, Don't tell me" - there are benches
 in a park in China that you have to pay to sit on.  There are metal spikes on the bench 
keeping you from sitting for free.  You put change into a meter, like a parking meter, and the 
metal spikes retract.  If your change runs out the metal spikes come back up.  
Apparently this system was designed by a German engineer.

If you have anything else to share, please do!




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