Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have proclaimed next week "Graffiti Week"!  I am going to be second shooting another wedding the weekend after next, so my camera and I need some alone time.  I am going to be trying a new photo-stiching method that should allow me to make some great square city-scapes with a lot of depth and texture!  

I have been informed that what I call Graffiti would be more accurately described as "Street Art", but it will still be called "Graffiti Week".

There are so many beautiful colors in this city.  I love how each street is one world in the dewey light of morning and how it can poses a completely different mood in the haze of twilight.  The evening light brings out golds and coppers in a building that appears to be flat brick and tan in the mid-afternoon.


There is so much inspiration here.  I love this city!

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