Monday, August 9, 2010


I have had some time to ponder this week and I am ready to get this business back into full swing.  I am actively searching for someone to create a website, I am going to order business cards and hopefully drive some new traffic my way!

Next week I have a special date with one extra cute little man!  I have yet to fully decide on a location, but I am so looking forward to seeing his personality come through my lens.  

I was greeted by so many beautiful images on my drive from Chicago to Iowa.  There were beautiful wisps of clouds falling from the thunderheads, cows drinking from a low spot in the hill where water had collected and was reflecting the green grazing pasture, and rows and rows of corn running away from the road folded into the bluffs.  I wished I could stop my car and hike out and photograph all of them, but alas I was bound by the interstate.

Here is a hard city photograph, some nature will soon follow.