Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Word of the Day Wednesday...


I cannot stop thinking about baby names – even though I have no desire to be pregnant at this current juncture, I do have a desire for my baby to have the perfect name.  I am hesitant to do this, but I am going to start a blog post of all of them so I have one place to amend the list.

This is partially for my Aunt Sue who is on her way to Japan for the next three years.  I am going to have to blog about all of the little things and the big things!  We were talking about baby names when we were in Iowa and I wanted to share the whole list with her, but never got the chance.

So, here it is.  There are a lot more girl names than boy names, but they are all mixed in.  I hope this list gets longer and longer, and then more and more cut down!  I am going to add more names here over the next few years as they come to us and I promise I will only cross out the ones that get veto-ed instead of erasing.  Okay in no particular order...

Owen Thomas
Katherine “Kate”
Emma Mae
Samantha “Sam”
Meredith (Evan)
Channing (for a girl)
Penelope “Penny”
Amelia (Evan Vetoed)

Random ones that I am adding:
Evan smiled when he heard a little girl called by the name of Lauralie
Regan, Addison, Kennedy, Scout, Harper
Grayson, Hudson, Sam

Here is a photo of the smallest baby in our lives right now - Gigi.  What a sweet sweet baby girl!


Maddie said...

I like most of those :) That is such a cute picture of Gigi!

Stephanie said...

You seem like you would have a Charlotte. If Evan hadn't vetoed Amelia we'd have an Amelia and an Amélie once I had my baby!

Abby Evans Photography said...

I love that you are still using that name!!! I am sure there will be a lot of reconsideration when the time comes.

Abby Evans Photography said...

P.S. I just read my comment and I don't think I fully said what I meant - I meant there would be a lot of reconsideration on our list. Evan is pretty stuck on Owen Thomas Kruger though!