Friday, July 9, 2010

Wine & Cheese

So, who would like to have wine and cheese at my house???  Today we went shopping for some groceries and decided we would like to relax with some classic white wine and cheese.

I like to dress up our relaxed nights to make them special.  I suggest buying a few different sets/styles of fun appetizer plates and stocking your cabinets with nice wine glasses.  Life is too short to drink any wine out of a boring wine glass.  The long and short of it is that any wine tastes better out of a nice glass!  Bringing out the fun/fancy appetizer plates helps to set a theme, add a cheese knife, and suddenly you are taken away - if only a little bit.

So pick a few cheeses, gourmet crackers (they are only a dollar or two more), buy a dried or fresh fruit to add some color, and finally a bottle of wine and join us.  It is so nice to make your home feel special and gourmet.

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