Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am very excited to watch the World Cup finals tomorrow and will be so sad it is over!  I have always liked the idea of soccer, and I vowed to watch as many World Cup games as I could this year.  I wanted to understand the game and have now fallen in love with it.  I enjoy the complexity of it - I love the large field and how you can see a play or a breakaway develop - I am taken away in the anticipation of how suddenly a goal can come.  

So - with all of the new found soccer love, and since this is my first world cup as a newly initiated soccer fan, I could not wait to see the world cup trophy.  I love a good trophy.  I am a sucker for the history behind them and all of the emotion that is displayed when a champion hoists it over their head!  This may be the most alienating thing I have said if you disagree, but when I finally laid eyes on the World Cup trophy I was disappointed.  I was in disgust at the thing - it looked alien, it did not look polished or stately - it looked like it was molded out of clay and dipped in bronze.  The people are so non-desrcript and the colors and design are, dare I say, garish.

I have since adopted an appreciation for it, but I still come up with new, not so favorable, descriptors for it every time I see the thing.  Now - I have found someone that agrees with me.  Not only does she agree with me, but she has put it out there on the world wide web for all to read and I am sure the hate mail has rained down upon her. 

Well in a small, actually very small, gesture of solidarity I would  like to say I am with you!  I am willing to put it out there for all to judge!

And finally - GO SPAIN!!!

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