Friday, July 2, 2010

Summers are made of....

The more I think about moving the more excited I get about all of the little things.  Today I have been thinking about all of the great experiences that children of Arizona miss out on during the summer months.  These are all experiences that I cannot wait for my children to enjoy, and the more I think about it the reason I cannot imagine raising children here is the product of many small details all added up.  In the heat it is very hard for kids to be outside during their summer months.  I miss fireflies, cool summer nights, bonfires, sno-cones and other exclusively summer treats.

I always look forward to the month of July.  I love the fourth – I have always been a fireworks fan.  I love the warm days when you can still stand to be outside and the slight chill of the nights.  Some of my fondest memories are of spending summer days in Iowa with family.

Summers are made of long days filled with:

-          capturing fireflies in a jar and setting them by a bedside table

-          playing flashlight tag in the backyard

-          running through the sprinklers on the perfectly green lawn

-          picking berries by the pound and ending up with red faces

-          boating – with a dog that loves to swim and play fetch

-          ice cream – especially Kristy Kreme flavor of the day

-          braided hair and ribbons

-          bubbles, side walk chalk, and bike parades

-          books – summer beach reading and short stories around the campfire

-          nothing on television, which leads to baseball games and movie theaters

-          vacations to theme parks, cabins, and state parks

-          renewed romance and spirits because of all the things above

I love summers and look forward to reliving all of these experiences over again and eventually with a family of my own!!!

Here are some of my favorite summer photos (picked pretty randomly out of the hundreds!):


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