Thursday, July 22, 2010

Road Trippin'

We are now two-thirds through our move across America back to Chicago.  We have taken a few days in Iowa to see family since Aunt Sue is moving half way around the world to Japan on Monday.  Here are a few stories from the road.

Our move packing up the truck went great!  We had about 95% of our things loaded by 5:00 on Saturday.  The remaining 5% was cleaning items, odds and ends like pillows and blankets and our mattress.  I am not sure if it was lack of boxes or lack of effort, but the remaining 5% took us about 3 hours over Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Our first stop was in Denver.  We stayed with my Aunt Sheri and had a great time.  We had one full day and boy did we pack it in.  It was their dog Astro's birthday, so with our dogs there it was almost like a little dog-cousin birthday party.  They played a lot of fetch, had a great meal and spent almost the whole day running around the backyard!  Us humans decided to take a trip to Coors Brewery for a few free samples and then we took a ride down the alpine slide.  We had a great time and it seemed like much more than just two nights and one day!

Now we are in Iowa and there is not much finer!  I was so happy to drive across Nebraska and get closer and closer to the Missouri River!!!  I am so glad to be back in the cornfields, green pastures, rolling hills, rivers and lakes!  We all went to Trivia last night and team Uncle Mick, Danny, Maddie, Evan and I beat team Jon, Amy, Mike, and their two friends!  We did not win the grand prize, a free bar tab, but being the victor of the family feud was good enough for us.  It was a great time because all of us were able to contribute at least one answer that the others did not know and Uncle Mick filled in the rest.

It is nice to have Maddie back from Europe now.  It is kind of weird in a way, but it is so nice to be able to pick up the phone and give her a call.  I heard most of the stories on our two days in the car, but I have a feeling there is probably another few days left to hear.

I am so excited to get moved into our new place and be a resident of the great city of Chicago!  On our way from the SW to the Mid-West we have encountered a few people who have asked “Where are you guys from.”  Each time I watch Evan field the question and my smile grows bigger and bigger knowing the answer will soon be Chicago!!!

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