Friday, July 30, 2010


Before I left on our big adventure I asked some friends for music recommendations.  I tried some new music, but as with every past road trip the air around me quickly became filled with familiar rhythms.  I think it is the nostalgia of hitting the open road that brings me back to old favorites.  I like to be able to sing and beat out the rhythm on my steering wheel while scenery passes me by.

So, in my opinion, there is nothing better to sing along to, and therefore road trip to, than:

1. Dashboard Confessional
2. Dave Matthews Band
3. Jimmy Eat World
4. Dad's Cds - Cars, CCR, Police, Cheap Trick, etc

Might seem lame to you, but like I said to a few friends "Just a warning, if you do not like 80's music and 90's alternative rock do not come help me pack!"  That house was rockin'!!!

This time there were a few new additions though.  I have been trying some country music on for size, so my Shania Twain Pandora station provided me with a few gems.  I have to say my absolute favorite to sing to is "Stay" by Sugarland!  I would say it is probably one of my favorite songs to sing to ever, and that is saying a lot!!!

While we are on the topic of country music - I thumbs up the song "Waitin' On a Woman" by Brad Paisley and so now every third song is Brad Paisley on my Pandora station.  As far as I am concerned he can just go away!  What is the big deal with this guy.  Cheap sentimental lyrics plugged into the same rhythms and harmonies.  Just one girls opinion!

So, here I sit in what Aunt Sheri referred to as a "music time machine" happy as can be switching between the 80's and 90's at the click of a button.

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