Sunday, July 25, 2010


Stories from the road – 1,900 mile road trip filled with changing scenery, excitement and laughter

the lady that never smiles at me smiled

So we had a neighbor in Scottsdale that lived in the apartment across from us – basically go up the stairs and we go left, she goes right – she was very unfriendly.  Evan and I used to try to smile, say good morning, or just a nod, but she never barely made eye contact let alone smile.  It has been going on like this for a year and 4 months now.  When we were moving things out of the apartment and into the moving truck I was coming out of our door with a load of stuff and she was coming up the stairs.  I said “good morning,” and she gave me the biggest smile, so apparently she hates us and was finally so happy to see us leaving that she couldn’t contain herself.

all of the little things that can never end up in a box and end up causing a fight

Whenever we move we are so good about packing each room into it’s own individual boxes with detailed lables the first day, but a strange thing happens when Evan starts to tape up boxes and cart them down to the moving truck.  Instead of leaving one box open in each room, he carts out each box prematurely and leaves a few remaining items in each room.  Every time we move these items end up in one giant box, then the remaining items have to be taken down by hand to the moving truck loose.  It drives me nuts and always ends up causing a fight.  Doesn’t seem like something to fight over you say, well you try making 10 trips down to the truck with a few awkward things in your arms and see if you are ready to give someone a piece of your mind.

the most awful Arbys

Raton, NM has the worst Arby’s in America.  The buns have been like biting through rubber both times I have been there.  I am happy to say I will never return.

new mexico thunderstorm

There was a thunderstorm across northern New Mexico that caused the most brilliant sunset I have seen in awhile.  It was two thunderstorms on either side of the interstate out about 10-20 miles, which meant we were able to watch the lightning, but did not have to drive through much rain.  The filtered light coming through the pockets of open sky turned the grass a brilliant shade of emerald green, showed detailed shadows in the mountains, and turned the sky vivid steaks of purple, topaz, peach, and fushia.

best air mattress in the world

Evan and I own THE BEST AIR MATTRESS IN THE WORLD.  It was not a lot of money, nor is it a brand name item, but I am telling you it is the best air mattress ever.  Whoever manufactured this air mattress that day at the factory really cares about his or her job.  Top notch job!

finding out that our apartment is not ready

We are now stuck on the first floor because the people that were supposed to move out of the second floor, where we are supposed to be, decided not to move out until July 30th.  Come to find out once we arrived here and spoke to the current resident of the second floor, they did not intend to move out for a few more months.  Their lease expired on June 30, but they went one more month.  The only resident that put in notice was the third floor resident who moved out the middle of July, which is when the property management company told us that the second floor people were moving out.  They already rented the third floor to another couple.  Follow me so far?  So we get a call 36 hours before we are supposed to move in telling us that we cannot move-in to the second floor.  We are temporarily residents of the first floor until next Sunday when we can move up to the second floor, which means we are box people eating out or easy at home meals for another whole week.  If you do not understand it’s okay.  All I really wanted to say about this whole situation is – Ms. Property Management Lady, I used to do your job and I must say I did it a heck of a lot better – Madame, do your job better!

crossing the borders

I do not know what it is, but whenever I am on a road trip I cannot wait to drive through a new big city or see the state line.  I love how different each state’s sign is.  If you study them you can get a little glimpse into how the residents of that state see their state.

armadillo vs tire shred

I saw an armadillo on the side of the road in New Mexico, or so I announced to the car.  About 20 minutes later we drove by another “armadillo”, or something that kind of looked like the “real” armadillo that I had seen 20 minutes back – the second “armadillo” turned out to be a tire shred from a semi-truck.  This has lead me to wonder ever since if the first armadillo I saw was a tire shred or a real-life armadillo.  The general consensus seems to be that it was a tire shred on both occasions.

this is NPR

Start anyting with “I heard on NPR the other day” and it gives your statement instant credibility.  Like, “I heard on NPR the other day that cell phones promote the growth of ear wax, which may lead to a premature hearing loss.”  (that is a made up fact just in case you were confused)

Lessons I Have Learned on This Trip

I love road trips.  I love my husband, my sister, and the rest of the family.  All fast food is created equal to me. There are three types of scenery in just about every state.  Iowa may be my favorite place.  I am so excited to be a resident of the city of Chicago.

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    Maddie said...

    Grandma and I just read your blog and liked it a lot! Thanks for keeping us entertained= although I was with you for a lot of those stories :) Love you. Grandma says she thinks Iowa is beautiful too! Good night