Thursday, July 29, 2010


Making weekend plans has always been a favorite pastime of mine.  I do not need to have the whole weekend booked, but one or two events to look forward to is nice.  I am still doing some research, but I think this activity might be in the cards for us...

It is a "Luxury Ice Cream" Festival held at a Nature Museum.  The museum looks like it has a few very interesting exhibits, so just the trip to the museum alone might be worth it.  The festival promises sweet and savory deluxe ice cream flavors, beer, wine and food demos.  I figure it will be fun for our taste buds and probably a good camera event too.


In other is my favorite story from today.  The neighbors above us are preparing to move tomorrow so that we can move into our real apartment.  We can hear them moving stuff around and cleaning more than usual since there is so much going on.  The dogs are a bit bothered, but they are being good.

The lady upstairs was running the vacuum directly over us and the dogs were both staring up at the ceiling.  Evan looks at me and in that "dog talk" voice he makes Bella say "Mommy, why is God vacuuming?  Doesn't he know that I'm afraid of it?"

I could not stop laughing, hilarious!!!

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