Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love desert plants.  Ever since the first time I watched the landscape change from tree lined brooks, to golden aspen trees, to high tundra plains, to rocky outcrops, into smooth red rocks, to joshua trees, and into cactus on my first drive from Denver to Las Vegas I have been in love with desert landscapes.  

The mix of dusty colors and diverse plant life makes for beautiful scenery in the desert.  It is not always easy to photograph though.  Limited cloud cover and blistering hot sun make it hard to capture the complex shadows and range of color.  The eye is so much more complex than the camera's sensor it is sometimes hard to believe.

These two diverse photos give a sample of the range in intensity and texture of desert plants.  


I have taken many "cactus portraits" here, but most end up like the photo above.  A prickly, hard, thick saguaro against the intense blue glow of the sky.  It is hard to explain how gorgeous a hill of saguaros is.  The sheer age combined with the look of solitude they have standing so straight and alone make them look like an army of worn soldiers on the hillside.

It was hard to live without seasons for the past few years.  The change of colors in trees is hard to replace, but the desert is truly one of a kind.

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