Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spare time...

Spare time has become a rare commodity in our house lately.  Evan has been working at least twelve hour days and life has just been generally busy.  I love times like this though because it makes the time we spend together so much more memorable and important.

My favorite times come when we arrive at home together, our dogs love-attack us, and the house is abuzz with chatter.  It is like a choreographed dance, it truly feels good to be "home".

I solidified that I want a big social kitchen today.  I always knew that it was something I really needed, but now I know that I would never buy a house without it.  Evan and I were cooking in the kitchen tonight, both enjoying a beer, and it was so nice!  I cook, he chops and grates...magic! :  )  This is where I make my favorite memories and inside jokes.  Just add a little nine o'clock special (jazz) and that is all you need.

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Maddie said...

I just got caught up on your blog again and I am loving it still! The graduation pictures and camping pictures were so nice! I can't wait for you to move to the windy city but I will miss having you 8 hours away and sometimes in my time zone (even if we didn't take full advantage of that fact). Love you lots!