Monday, June 28, 2010

Change in the tide...

So as I pack up the Abby Evans logo and prepare for a move to the big city I still want to post on my blog.  I have not posted much because with the heat and the move I have not gotten to shoot as much as I would like.  So, I wanted to give everyone fair warning -
the blog may become more personal than professional for awhile.

But, do not be can fire one across my bow if you like.  I am deeply entrenched in politics, but I am not close minded and it does not ooze from my every pore.

I am nothing if not opinionated and I would like to record a bit of that as well.  I will be that Mom that proudly outfits my child in a "democrat in training" onesie, but I also love to talk about restaurants, farms markets, movies, and daily outings. 

Fear not my friends...I am well-rounded!!! 

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