Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Andrew's Graduation....

I have been missing for a few weeks now.  I have lost myself in work, books, camping, mask and new hair dos, and catching up with my family.  I recently took a trip to Chicago and Council Bluffs for this lovely boy!

Drew Graduated!!!

I spent a few days in Chicago and then flew to Omaha to surprise Drew.  Turns out we were both a bit surprised....Drew came to the airport with Danny to come get "Jenn"...he didn't know I would be there and I did not know he was coming!!!  We both teared up a bit.

I had so much fun at the graduation party and spending time with Jon and Amy & Danny and Jenn & Aunt Tracy and Uncle Doug.  We snapped a few photos after graduation....I'll put up a few from the party and Chicago too.

For now I am just going to let the photos tell the story of this fantastic grad!  Love you Drew!!!

And these beautiful people started it all....

(that is not a is a camera strap)


SueWags said...

Beautiful photos! Congratulations Andrew!!!!

Fleur said...

Love the photos of Andrew with his parents and grandparents!!