Friday, May 7, 2010

Moments Stop Me...

I see photographic images in my mind every single day - in the street musician with the open guitar case, in a flowering tree, in a perfectly prepared meal, when the light steams through a window, in the person who does something kind for someone else that they think goes unnoticed.  I see these images and then get a little upset that I don't have my camera with me that very second.

Moments will stop me and I catalog that specific place as somewhere I would like to photograph someone.  Imagine your family nestled in the field below, huddled close together about halfway back into the flowers. 
Wouldn’t you love to be photographed right there?


SueWags said...

Yes I would! When I visit sometime, let's do it!

Stephanie said...

"light steams through the window" Excellent imagery. I can picture it in my head. :)