Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

I hope all of the Mothers are spending today well loved.

Meanwhile - Evan is going to try to fix our computer today, because yesterday it decided that all of my icons, all of the buttons in the start menu, and all of the programs should only open one thing - photoshop!  Maybe my computer is telling me that I need to get off the internet and get to work.  But seriously - I laughed and thought that maybe it was something Evan or I did by accident, but as I watched the vain in Evan's head grow as he realized there was no easy fix I stopped laughing.

Why do people write computer viruses?  If you are one of these people you should feel very bad about yourself.  Put on some clothes, get out of your mother's basement, get out into the sunshine, and join the ranks of the living!  How does someone get odd joy from changing all of someone else's icons to PS icons???

Now in all reality this is probably not a virus.  Apparently the "icon chache folder" is corrupted and Evan may have set Photoshop as a default when he was trying to fix a file that Photoshop decided to save as a ".10" file instead of a ".psd" file because I named it "file name_5.8.10".....but that is besides the point.  Seriously computer virus people, when I was researching what this could be for 2 hours last night I was really upset with you - get a life!!!


mandy @ bigcity! baby said...

Is that your normal background?!

Abby said... crack me up. It is a Windows thing that scrolls through 5 or so pictures. No I have not been to the lavender fields in France - I didn't take this one.