Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Before and After...

Who wants to see a before and after???

My only gripe with the Blogger set up is that it compresses each image and does not preserve the sharpness or color saturation.  So, I am not sure how well these two images will come out, but on my screen and printed - I am thrilled with them.  (yeah - the colors are still way better on my workspace)

On the left is an image that I posted of Kelsey and Drew about a month back.  On the right is the re-touched image.  Through the magic of photoshop I think this image jumps off the page now!!!




Kelsey just put in an order for her retouched images, so I had a ton of fun seeing each "before" picture shape into a brilliant "after".  I told Evan that I really feel like I am creating art again.  It is still not quite the same as developing a photo in a dark room, but it is definitely more instant gratification!!!

I always think this is fun because in all reality in each situation there is nothing wrong with the first one, but then once you look at the second one, why would you want the first one!

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SueWags said...

That's amazing! I agree, there was nothing wrong with the first one, but when you look at the second...you wonder how you ever lived without it! :) GREAT JOB! xo