Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Before and After...

Who wants to see a before and after???

My only gripe with the Blogger set up is that it compresses each image and does not preserve the sharpness or color saturation.  So, I am not sure how well these two images will come out, but on my screen and printed - I am thrilled with them.  (yeah - the colors are still way better on my workspace)

On the left is an image that I posted of Kelsey and Drew about a month back.  On the right is the re-touched image.  Through the magic of photoshop I think this image jumps off the page now!!!




Kelsey just put in an order for her retouched images, so I had a ton of fun seeing each "before" picture shape into a brilliant "after".  I told Evan that I really feel like I am creating art again.  It is still not quite the same as developing a photo in a dark room, but it is definitely more instant gratification!!!

I always think this is fun because in all reality in each situation there is nothing wrong with the first one, but then once you look at the second one, why would you want the first one!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Little Boys…

I love little boys.  I love to discover their true personalities as they warm up to new adults.  I love their sense of adventure.  I love how they love tenderly on Mom and let Dad lend them a hand.

This little boy played shy at first.

But he came out of his shell eventually.

We were good friends eventually.  After about a dozen tries I finally got a high-five!  
That is how I spell S-u-c-c-e-s-s!!!

Dennis, Lindsey and Kaden joined me for photos on Saturday morning in downtown Gilbert.  We had a good time exploring and playing.  More with this sweet family to come!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

I hope all of the Mothers are spending today well loved.

Meanwhile - Evan is going to try to fix our computer today, because yesterday it decided that all of my icons, all of the buttons in the start menu, and all of the programs should only open one thing - photoshop!  Maybe my computer is telling me that I need to get off the internet and get to work.  But seriously - I laughed and thought that maybe it was something Evan or I did by accident, but as I watched the vain in Evan's head grow as he realized there was no easy fix I stopped laughing.

Why do people write computer viruses?  If you are one of these people you should feel very bad about yourself.  Put on some clothes, get out of your mother's basement, get out into the sunshine, and join the ranks of the living!  How does someone get odd joy from changing all of someone else's icons to PS icons???

Now in all reality this is probably not a virus.  Apparently the "icon chache folder" is corrupted and Evan may have set Photoshop as a default when he was trying to fix a file that Photoshop decided to save as a ".10" file instead of a ".psd" file because I named it "file name_5.8.10".....but that is besides the point.  Seriously computer virus people, when I was researching what this could be for 2 hours last night I was really upset with you - get a life!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Moments Stop Me...

I see photographic images in my mind every single day - in the street musician with the open guitar case, in a flowering tree, in a perfectly prepared meal, when the light steams through a window, in the person who does something kind for someone else that they think goes unnoticed.  I see these images and then get a little upset that I don't have my camera with me that very second.

Moments will stop me and I catalog that specific place as somewhere I would like to photograph someone.  Imagine your family nestled in the field below, huddled close together about halfway back into the flowers. 
Wouldn’t you love to be photographed right there?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thou art loved....

Oh How I've Missed It...

It would be weird to write a love letter to my blog, right???.  I really do like this thing...it has taken over my life but in such a fantastic way.  I love photographing people and I love to have a record of my growth, personal and professional.  I have become one of those people - you know its like I started seeing a therapist and now I start all of my sentences with "My shink says..." or "Therapy is so good for..."; except, that what I have is a blog and it doesn't seem all that cool, but now I want everyone to have one!!!  I want to be able to read everyone's musings each week.  So, do me a favor and allow me to sink more of my life into this - if I love you and you don't have a blog...start a blog.  I will be the first one to read all of your posts - promise!!!

I have been so busy lately.  This photo is by no means good, but I think this photo sort of personifies how I feel.  It has movement and energy, but it is twisty and distorted.  It is times like this that I wish I was a runner.  Do you remember the movie What Women Want – do you remember when Mel is pitching the ad to Nike about women’s sporting goods.  I want that relationship with running…but I let my nemesis Asthma stand in the way.  The way he describes running just sounds so peaceful - like moving meditation.  I want to have that desire to hit the pavement in the cool morning with no makeup, no worries, no plans – certain.

On the business side of things I have really enjoyed this week!  I got my first round of test prints back from the printers.  I have two really great printing services that actually develop the photos versus printing with ink.  I am psyched.  Also, I had a good time making up Save The Date cards for Kelsey and Drew.  I felt all professional because I had a “client” meeting Saturday morning, even though she was buying me breakfast! hahaha…  She had a very specific vision, so we stuck with that.  I will share them with you someday…I have already mapped out two alternative versions in my head…I might do those up just to have the templates for the future! :  )