Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today’s engagement session…

I am so excited to be photographing Kelsey and Drew’s engagement photos today!  I am looking forward to hearing their story and seeing all of that fresh love in their eyes.

I remember when Evan and I had our engagement photos done in Savannah (both times actually because our photographer was a rockstar) with such happiness.  I remember how nervous Evan was and how all he wanted to do was kiss me so that he did not have to think about what to do with his hands, or whether to smile or be serious.  All he wanted to do was kiss me so that he knew we would both be doing the exact same thing in the photo! :  )  But, after the first twenty minutes or so I remember our photographer, Teresa, cracking a few jokes and bringing Evan out with all of her southern charm.  After that she was able to capture exactly who we were.  Sure, we kiss – a lot – we did then, still do, and always will, but there is more that you cannot always capture in a kiss.  There is tenderness and innocence and that way that Evan watches me when I speak like I am the most important thing in his world.

That is what I want for Kelsey today and for everyone else going forward.  I want to capture memories for them, so that they can look back at that photo and have all of those old feelings bubble up inside them.  It is memories that get us through the hard times and make us soar in the good times.  I believe this is what a photograph captures.

Our wedding photos will always be my yardstick, but I am confident that I can leap right over it…no problem! :  )

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SueWags said...

Love your pictures! Can't wait to see the ones you took! :)