Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thoughts...

It is a little late, but here on the West Coast it is still Thursday!  Here are ten thoughts on Thursday.  It has been a very fun and eventful week around here and what I want most of all is to do exactly the same things this week!!!

1). Corey and Ross came to visit.  Corey came for a convention, but seeing as how Ross did not have any commitments, we will pretend that he came specifically to see us!  You know how some people just make you feel loved with a big bear hug when you see them?  Ross is one of those people.  I miss my friends so much I could cry right now!  I am so glad we live in a time where through phone, email and facebook I can stay connected with them, so when we do see good friends we can pick up like we have never lost any time at all!

2). I cannot wait to live in a city where I actually look forward to getting the newspaper.  I miss reading the newspaper!  All I want is to spend a Sunday morning/afternoon with a cup of coffee and all the sections of the newspaper strewn about our living room.

3). I hope my future son has good handwriting.  Is bad handwriting built into the y chromosome?

4). The only time I am actually thankful to be stopped at a red light is when I am trying to send an email!  I have had a lot of emails to send and I have a strict no driving and emailing rule!  Because I really like to sound competent and not write things like “I rike a reed to”, but what I really like is to stay living!

5). I really like the word “bonkers”.  I really dislike when the word “hate” comes out of my mouth.  I do not mind if other people say it, but I am trying to erase it from my vocabulary.  So, the phrase “it drives me bonkers” might start to drive you bonkers if we are hanging out and I am in the mood to complain!

6). I love that Evan will have the kitchen cleaned before I even realize it lately.  He knows how busy I am and he just goes over, starts doing it, and I am so in the zone that I barely notice he is doing it and he is almost finished.  Oh – and he has gone back to taking one dinner a night.  It is something we used to do, and then I cooked every night when he was studying, but now he has taken his night back. Yay!!!

7). There is nary a better moment in a fight than that “aha moment” when you realize what you are actually mad about and you can start arguing about that instead of the gibberish you were spouting off earlier.

8). I miss reading Shakespeare!

9). People in Arizona do not leave their homes when there is too much cloud cover.  It is like when there is a low pressure system in the vicinity you can feel the collective depression set in.

10). I want to meet a wine bottle label designer.

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