Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ted, Meagan, and Keagan –

This beautiful family joined me at the Hyatt Regency this morning for photos.  

Ted let it slip that these photos are the foundation of a grand master plan – a Mother’s Day present.  Meagan deserves a special Mother’s Day present for sure!  She started our session off by letting me know she was afraid she was not photogenic – a common worry – but boy was she ever wrong!  Through my lens she embodied beauty and motherhood. 

Keagan was all boy!  He wanted to chase birds, investigate the waterfall and run, run, run!  When I was able to keep up with him it was so worth it.  He was so expressive. 

There was so much of his Dad in him.  The way he held his eyes especially.

Ted loved them both so deeply and pulled out every Dad trick to engage Keagan – who was about ready for nap time!

Thank you so much Cauger family!  I hope that these photos, and all of the other great ones we captured yesterday, will remind you of what it was like to be a family of three.


Anonymous said...

abby! these are wonderful! Thank you so much, especially for your patience with grouchy keagan.

SueWags said...

These are precious, Abby! You are right! The ones of the Mom and her son are precious!!!

Siena said...

So cute! I love the second to last one! Great photos :) I hope the mom doesn't see them before mother's day...

mandy @ bigcity! baby said...

these are so great! I love that Elmo made it into the pictures!