Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kamee June Workshop

I recently took a workshop with Kamee of Kamee June Photography. She is a brilliant woman who had a lot to share. Her generous and kind personality comes through every facet of her business. I learned a lot about the way I want to treat clients, and the way I want to build my business. I also learned a bit more about how to frame a great photograph!

The most important phrase I took away from the workshop is "create a nostalgic time machine". This is something I have been unknowingly practicing, but identifying it has helped me to actively capture that feeling in every photograph since. I am now able to identify that quality of a photograph that makes you feel an emotion. Happy, Sad, Scared, Alive, Laughter, Innocence, Maturity, Caring, Love - photographs should capture relationships and people as they are and help you to relive that.

This family had a great relationship. You could see it in every interaction. This family had spent a lot of time building memories and developing love. They understood each other without a lot of words and you could feel it in the small unspoken interactions. This little girl was so watchful and observant and she was looking to her brother, her father, and her mother at different times for guidance and confidence and they gave it to her. Her little brother was so careful with her and tried to keep her engaged, but boy was she a Daddy's girl.

Look at how happy she is to have his attention and how happy he is to help her!

If you are interested to learn more about a workshop with Kamee June visit her blog / website at:

Kamee is hosting a workshop in California soon. Watch the blog for registration to open soon. You will not regret it if you decide to attend!!!

Thanks Kamee!!!

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SueWags said...

Great wording to go along with your great pictures!