Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It’s All Fun and Games…

No seriously, it is ALL fun and games. Evan and I love to play. We love to ride bikes, go for a hike, hit a tennis ball back and forth…and just in general play games. We are both pretty competitive, but he loves that I am better at certain things and I love that he is better at other things. The mutual respect thing that we have going right now is pretty good!

We often spend one weekend night in the very happening scene of our living room. We drink beer and play cards or a board game. This weekend was no different. All I wanted to do after the stress of the last few weeks was whoop Evan’s butt at cards!

I challenged him to my new found odd talent – stacking 52 cards on a beer bottle, then blowing 51 of them off. I think this is odd bar trick number 17 that I am scary good at! I got it the first two times my family challenged themselves to it and I am probably able to do it consistently 2 out of 3 times or more.

Try it…or try any game with your family! Put Pandora or the radio on, turn the t.v. off, pour a drink and just soak in the time!

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E said...

Aw where's Evan's new talent in these photographs? Awesome, though! The first one or the shuffling one is my favorite!