Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting Ready for an Engagement Shoot...

I spent the day Saturday scouting photo shoot locations for Kelsey and Drew’s engagement session on Saturday. She wanted to do more formal pictures in the Borgata area and more fun photos at the Railroad Park. I found tons of great spots, so hopefully they can keep up with me for the two and a half hours it is going to take to get through them all.

The Borgata is filled with flowers, walkways and, interesting architecture; while, the Railroad park is full of trains, carousels, and ice cream shops. We should be able to get a diverse range of photographs, and I have a few surprises lined up too!

I feel so honored that Kelsey is going to allow me to take all of the ideas she has and turn them into moments that she can relive forever. They have been engaged for a couple of months now, so that freshly engaged smile should be all over their faces!!! I can’t wait to photograph it!

Here is one of our is the most non-desrcript photo I took : ) I didn't want to ruin anything for the couple!

I can't wait until there are faces in this photo!!!!


Siena said...

I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see them :)

Kelsey said...

yayayay!!! We are definitely looking forward to Saturday! I love the sneak peek! Thank you so much Abby! :D