Monday, April 12, 2010

Fresh Fruit....

I was under the impression that all strawberries were “Limited Edition” based on their inherent perishable qualities. Thank you Safeway for the newsflash.

I am always upset when I hear about crops freezing anywhere, but especially in Florida. I try to buy all of my produce from California, Texas, Florida and the rest of the states whenever possible. I am willing to pay a surplus to buy this produce. I hate it when the oranges frost and it ruins the crop! It really turns my stomach! So, when I heard that the strawberry harvest was pushed back due to cold weather I was sad.

I'll admit that when I walked into Safeway and was able to buy a quart of strawberries for $0.97 I was excited, but then I began to think about it. Then I learned of the, in my opinion, highly unethical way that the farmers were dealing with this delay. I understand that crops need to be tended to and harvested at the right time so that the farm can replant and keep going throughout the year, but destroying perfectly healthy food because you cannot profit from it just seemed wrong to me.

This story on NPR helped to put all of the little news blurbs into perspective. They also highlighted, yet again, why Publix is the BEST supermarket chain in the country!!!

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