Monday, April 5, 2010

A few more photos of the Tarver family

I so enjoyed photographing this family at the Kamee June workshop. They each had their own personality, but you could tell that the enjoyed being a family. The family seemed so honest, open and genuine...none of which was easy to share with 22 strangers I am sure.

These two were so in love. I was so nice to see a couple that really enjoyed being parents, and also really enjoyed being together. Both of these qualities were intertwined into their relationship.

I wish I could have captured one of Angie by herself, I don't think she knows how radiant she is...but I am sure she will love this candid photo of her man!

and just one more photo of Kaelie for good measure. Trey was in and out of the "personal" photo spotlight a little too quickly for me to catch a good photo of him, but he will obviously be a very good big brother!

Don't you wish you cold wear a tri-pink tutu! : ) It just makes me smile!

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