Thursday, April 22, 2010

Confessions –

I am a very positive person.  I try to smile everyday and am always willing to give every ounce of whatever I have to lighten someone’s load.  BUT – if you truly know me you know that I am sarcastic, and make judgmental jokes, and am truly annoyed by little things that most people do not even notice.

So – I am going to start a few regular topical blog posts.  If you have one that you would like to hear me ramble on, please suggest it, because if you know me another thing you know about me is that when I get on a topic I get impassioned and ramble on and on and on….

Neighbors annoy me!  I despise the fact that I cannot walk to my car in the morning without exchanging pleasantries and “good mornings” with someone I do not know.  Just because we live in close proximity to each other does not mean that we are friends.

I believe that the presence of an overpriced wine menu makes me a lush.  When we are at home and I pour myself a glass of wine I usually do not even finish it.  When we are at a restaurant I just cannot resist those four little words “would you like another”.  Apparently paying three times the amount for something I have at home makes me want more.

Evan is funnier than I am and it kills me that I cannot tell a joke to save. my. life.

I hate Boston Terriers – for every single reason that other people think they are cute.

I was peed on at the dog park and shrugged it off like it was an everyday occurance…at the time I thought that it was the perfect exhibition of my patience and understanding, but looking back on it I probably looked like one of those crazy eyed people who internalize all of their anger.

I love my dogs, but I realize that they are smelly dogs and I do not expect anyone else to love them! :  )


mandy @ bigcity! baby said...

HAHA! I can't believe you got peed on at the dog park. Perhaps you should walk around with an ear piece on so you can pretend to be on the phone, rather than talking to your neighbors :)

Devin said...

Such a cute shot of Oliver!