Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Bailey Family...

Meet the Baileys!!!  Jeremy and Diane have raised 3 extraordinary children – Wyatt, Olivia and Theron.  It was not hard to see the mutual respect, understanding and love between Jeremy and Diane, but they must have something truly special to have raised these three.  They were each outgoing and had a lot of personality, but knew exactly when to be reserved and when to let it out!  It was such a pleasure working with this family.  They were that family that you wished lived near you growing up!!!

Diane was the most relaxed Mom in front of the camera I have ever met.  She reminded me of a girlfriend back in college and it took awhile for me to put my finger on it, but when I did it brought back a rush of memories!

She must know that loving on your kids will make great photos everytime.  I adore the love that pours out of each of these photos.

Meet Theron-

I photographed Theron first because his mother was worried he would run short on attention.  He was so interested in having his photo taken though, I could count on him!  

He was a bit shy at first, but after we chatted for a bit he was all smiles!!!

Meet Olivia-

Olivia was such a sweetheart who could not have photographed more beautifully!  It made my heart melt to look at a few of these images after they were uploaded.  

She knew exactly where she wanted her picture taken and was not afraid to grab my hand and say “Now photograph me by that tree”!  So precious!

Meet Wyatt-

Wyatt may have been the quietest, but he wanted to capture an action shot.  He wanted to climb the tree, but God bless his heart, he was a bit afraid once he got up it.  Dad’s are the best for that sort of thing – lift the boy up…wait 3 seconds…take the boy down.  

You can tell he is one smart cookie – he was well versed on many topics including space (one of my favorites).

The pictures of each individually were stunning, but the pictures of all three are truly memorable.  I love to see the interaction between siblings and you can tell they knew each other well.  Siblings have such a unique relationship and I just hope that these images capture a small section of that.

Thank you Bailey family…I am looking forward to working with you guys again!!!

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Siena said...

Such a beautiful family!! The kids are so cute. I love the three of them together. And yes siblings do have a unique relationship- we should know :) Seeing these makes me want to go back and see pictures of us when we were little!! Once again, another fabulous success from my big sister :) Love you!

mandy @ bigcity! baby said...

I love their color coordination! What a sweet family. I'm loving your pictures :)

SueWags said...

I thought nothing could get better than that second shot of the Mama, but all of them were so beautiful! Gorgeous family! Olivia is an angel and those boys are adorable! Great job and good commentary!!!! :) xo

partalien said...

Loved the pictures of the three kids together then the one next to it of the wild one in action while the other two stayed so nicely posed in the background! I'll bet that they're much like that in real life! You do super work!