Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All right, I'm ready for my close-up....

My head has been swirling since Saturday’s engagement session.  I forgot how great it feels to be crazy busy.  

I wanted to take my time and choose the very best photos of Kelsey and Drew and make sure that every photo was ready to show.  I narrowed it down from a ton of fantastic photos to a dozen or so special ones.  I picked photos that embodied what I saw in this couple.  They were so fun and you could see them communicating very complex thoughts through very small glances.  I wanted inside their heads, I wanted to know what Kelsey meant when she held her eyes a certain way, and I wanted to know what it meant when Drew held his mouth in that tight shape with his eyes turned down.  These are the little things that make being part of a couple so great…only you two know what that truly means!  To make it better, everyone around you wants in on it!!!

These photos represent a small section of the life that I saw in Kelsey and Drew.  

Thank you Kelsey and Drew for all of your generosity.

Thank you for sharing this with me and letting me pose you exactly where and how I wanted. 

More importantly though, thank you for keeping your authenticity.  

You allowed me to get exactly what I needed out of our few hours together, but... also made sure that your relationship came though in the photos.

 I hope you know that even after all of your years together, the best is yet to come!!!

And...I will leave you with a photo of her gorgeous ring, because every great fiance knows how to pick the perfect ring!

One last story about Drew and Kelsey.  Drew had me cracking up because he owned up to the number one quality that every good husband needs.  I was photographing a creative take of their shoes along these really cool wood planks (I'll share that photo soon) and I instructed out-loud - looking back, seemingly to no one in particular - turn your feet in a little bit to give a bit more "feminine look".  Drew automatically turned his toes in   to match Kelsey's...through my camera I saw this and started laughing..."No, no, no Drew," I said, "Just Kelsey".  I told him, you do follow directions really well though!  He started laughing too then and said "well that is the most important quality in a good husband!"  And boy is he right!!!

Anyway - Share some love for the couple and let me know which is your favorite photo!  Everyone enjoys a little love!!!


SueWags said...

I think my favorite is the one right above the ring shot. I love the ring shot! The greenery looks like a flower with the ring as the bud.

If you count down, I love 5, 6 and 7 too.

They're all great and your wording is great too. Great job and congratulations to Drew and Kelsey!

Siena said...

2 and 7 are my favorite! And the ring shot- I totally agree Aunt Susie!!

Stephanie said...

My favorite is the ring!! I LOVE it.

partalien said...

Maybe it's because you guys just got married, but you really did a great job setting up some beautifully intimate shots. You made them look great and so in love...!

mackyton said...

The events like engagement and wedding are very special to the couples. Every couple wants to have a perfect occasion that they and all of their loved ones can cherish lifelong. For us as well, this time is crucial as our wedding day is approaching soon. We would be having a grand party at one of the NYC wedding venues. Can’t wait!