Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thoughts...

It is a little late, but here on the West Coast it is still Thursday!  Here are ten thoughts on Thursday.  It has been a very fun and eventful week around here and what I want most of all is to do exactly the same things this week!!!

1). Corey and Ross came to visit.  Corey came for a convention, but seeing as how Ross did not have any commitments, we will pretend that he came specifically to see us!  You know how some people just make you feel loved with a big bear hug when you see them?  Ross is one of those people.  I miss my friends so much I could cry right now!  I am so glad we live in a time where through phone, email and facebook I can stay connected with them, so when we do see good friends we can pick up like we have never lost any time at all!

2). I cannot wait to live in a city where I actually look forward to getting the newspaper.  I miss reading the newspaper!  All I want is to spend a Sunday morning/afternoon with a cup of coffee and all the sections of the newspaper strewn about our living room.

3). I hope my future son has good handwriting.  Is bad handwriting built into the y chromosome?

4). The only time I am actually thankful to be stopped at a red light is when I am trying to send an email!  I have had a lot of emails to send and I have a strict no driving and emailing rule!  Because I really like to sound competent and not write things like “I rike a reed to”, but what I really like is to stay living!

5). I really like the word “bonkers”.  I really dislike when the word “hate” comes out of my mouth.  I do not mind if other people say it, but I am trying to erase it from my vocabulary.  So, the phrase “it drives me bonkers” might start to drive you bonkers if we are hanging out and I am in the mood to complain!

6). I love that Evan will have the kitchen cleaned before I even realize it lately.  He knows how busy I am and he just goes over, starts doing it, and I am so in the zone that I barely notice he is doing it and he is almost finished.  Oh – and he has gone back to taking one dinner a night.  It is something we used to do, and then I cooked every night when he was studying, but now he has taken his night back. Yay!!!

7). There is nary a better moment in a fight than that “aha moment” when you realize what you are actually mad about and you can start arguing about that instead of the gibberish you were spouting off earlier.

8). I miss reading Shakespeare!

9). People in Arizona do not leave their homes when there is too much cloud cover.  It is like when there is a low pressure system in the vicinity you can feel the collective depression set in.

10). I want to meet a wine bottle label designer.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Bailey Family...

Meet the Baileys!!!  Jeremy and Diane have raised 3 extraordinary children – Wyatt, Olivia and Theron.  It was not hard to see the mutual respect, understanding and love between Jeremy and Diane, but they must have something truly special to have raised these three.  They were each outgoing and had a lot of personality, but knew exactly when to be reserved and when to let it out!  It was such a pleasure working with this family.  They were that family that you wished lived near you growing up!!!

Diane was the most relaxed Mom in front of the camera I have ever met.  She reminded me of a girlfriend back in college and it took awhile for me to put my finger on it, but when I did it brought back a rush of memories!

She must know that loving on your kids will make great photos everytime.  I adore the love that pours out of each of these photos.

Meet Theron-

I photographed Theron first because his mother was worried he would run short on attention.  He was so interested in having his photo taken though, I could count on him!  

He was a bit shy at first, but after we chatted for a bit he was all smiles!!!

Meet Olivia-

Olivia was such a sweetheart who could not have photographed more beautifully!  It made my heart melt to look at a few of these images after they were uploaded.  

She knew exactly where she wanted her picture taken and was not afraid to grab my hand and say “Now photograph me by that tree”!  So precious!

Meet Wyatt-

Wyatt may have been the quietest, but he wanted to capture an action shot.  He wanted to climb the tree, but God bless his heart, he was a bit afraid once he got up it.  Dad’s are the best for that sort of thing – lift the boy up…wait 3 seconds…take the boy down.  

You can tell he is one smart cookie – he was well versed on many topics including space (one of my favorites).

The pictures of each individually were stunning, but the pictures of all three are truly memorable.  I love to see the interaction between siblings and you can tell they knew each other well.  Siblings have such a unique relationship and I just hope that these images capture a small section of that.

Thank you Bailey family…I am looking forward to working with you guys again!!!

Remember to Leave Some Love for them...someday when you are posted here you will know how good a little love feels!!! :  )

Sneaky Sneak Peek...

I cannot wait to show you all the photos of the Bailey family.  They joined me for a family portrait session on Saturday and had 3 amazing children.  They each were very kind, individual, souls who loved having their picture taken.

Here is a sneaky sneak-peek.  This is Olivia...outspoken, but in a soft and precious way.

Doesn't this photo just make you want to see her face???  More of her and her brothers soon!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ted, Meagan, and Keagan –

This beautiful family joined me at the Hyatt Regency this morning for photos.  

Ted let it slip that these photos are the foundation of a grand master plan – a Mother’s Day present.  Meagan deserves a special Mother’s Day present for sure!  She started our session off by letting me know she was afraid she was not photogenic – a common worry – but boy was she ever wrong!  Through my lens she embodied beauty and motherhood. 

Keagan was all boy!  He wanted to chase birds, investigate the waterfall and run, run, run!  When I was able to keep up with him it was so worth it.  He was so expressive. 

There was so much of his Dad in him.  The way he held his eyes especially.

Ted loved them both so deeply and pulled out every Dad trick to engage Keagan – who was about ready for nap time!

Thank you so much Cauger family!  I hope that these photos, and all of the other great ones we captured yesterday, will remind you of what it was like to be a family of three.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Confessions –

I am a very positive person.  I try to smile everyday and am always willing to give every ounce of whatever I have to lighten someone’s load.  BUT – if you truly know me you know that I am sarcastic, and make judgmental jokes, and am truly annoyed by little things that most people do not even notice.

So – I am going to start a few regular topical blog posts.  If you have one that you would like to hear me ramble on, please suggest it, because if you know me another thing you know about me is that when I get on a topic I get impassioned and ramble on and on and on….

Neighbors annoy me!  I despise the fact that I cannot walk to my car in the morning without exchanging pleasantries and “good mornings” with someone I do not know.  Just because we live in close proximity to each other does not mean that we are friends.

I believe that the presence of an overpriced wine menu makes me a lush.  When we are at home and I pour myself a glass of wine I usually do not even finish it.  When we are at a restaurant I just cannot resist those four little words “would you like another”.  Apparently paying three times the amount for something I have at home makes me want more.

Evan is funnier than I am and it kills me that I cannot tell a joke to save. my. life.

I hate Boston Terriers – for every single reason that other people think they are cute.

I was peed on at the dog park and shrugged it off like it was an everyday occurance…at the time I thought that it was the perfect exhibition of my patience and understanding, but looking back on it I probably looked like one of those crazy eyed people who internalize all of their anger.

I love my dogs, but I realize that they are smelly dogs and I do not expect anyone else to love them! :  )

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All right, I'm ready for my close-up....

My head has been swirling since Saturday’s engagement session.  I forgot how great it feels to be crazy busy.  

I wanted to take my time and choose the very best photos of Kelsey and Drew and make sure that every photo was ready to show.  I narrowed it down from a ton of fantastic photos to a dozen or so special ones.  I picked photos that embodied what I saw in this couple.  They were so fun and you could see them communicating very complex thoughts through very small glances.  I wanted inside their heads, I wanted to know what Kelsey meant when she held her eyes a certain way, and I wanted to know what it meant when Drew held his mouth in that tight shape with his eyes turned down.  These are the little things that make being part of a couple so great…only you two know what that truly means!  To make it better, everyone around you wants in on it!!!

These photos represent a small section of the life that I saw in Kelsey and Drew.  

Thank you Kelsey and Drew for all of your generosity.

Thank you for sharing this with me and letting me pose you exactly where and how I wanted. 

More importantly though, thank you for keeping your authenticity.  

You allowed me to get exactly what I needed out of our few hours together, but... also made sure that your relationship came though in the photos.

 I hope you know that even after all of your years together, the best is yet to come!!!

And...I will leave you with a photo of her gorgeous ring, because every great fiance knows how to pick the perfect ring!

One last story about Drew and Kelsey.  Drew had me cracking up because he owned up to the number one quality that every good husband needs.  I was photographing a creative take of their shoes along these really cool wood planks (I'll share that photo soon) and I instructed out-loud - looking back, seemingly to no one in particular - turn your feet in a little bit to give a bit more "feminine look".  Drew automatically turned his toes in   to match Kelsey's...through my camera I saw this and started laughing..."No, no, no Drew," I said, "Just Kelsey".  I told him, you do follow directions really well though!  He started laughing too then and said "well that is the most important quality in a good husband!"  And boy is he right!!!

Anyway - Share some love for the couple and let me know which is your favorite photo!  Everyone enjoys a little love!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Have I got a secret for you….

Can you guess what it is???

These two were a ton of fun to work with.  They were so in love, have been together forever and knew each other so well.  I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

For now….All you need is love…right Kelsey!   ;  )

More with this fun loving couple tomorrow.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today’s engagement session…

I am so excited to be photographing Kelsey and Drew’s engagement photos today!  I am looking forward to hearing their story and seeing all of that fresh love in their eyes.

I remember when Evan and I had our engagement photos done in Savannah (both times actually because our photographer was a rockstar) with such happiness.  I remember how nervous Evan was and how all he wanted to do was kiss me so that he did not have to think about what to do with his hands, or whether to smile or be serious.  All he wanted to do was kiss me so that he knew we would both be doing the exact same thing in the photo! :  )  But, after the first twenty minutes or so I remember our photographer, Teresa, cracking a few jokes and bringing Evan out with all of her southern charm.  After that she was able to capture exactly who we were.  Sure, we kiss – a lot – we did then, still do, and always will, but there is more that you cannot always capture in a kiss.  There is tenderness and innocence and that way that Evan watches me when I speak like I am the most important thing in his world.

That is what I want for Kelsey today and for everyone else going forward.  I want to capture memories for them, so that they can look back at that photo and have all of those old feelings bubble up inside them.  It is memories that get us through the hard times and make us soar in the good times.  I believe this is what a photograph captures.

Our wedding photos will always be my yardstick, but I am confident that I can leap right over it…no problem! :  )