Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This Blog has a New Home

Hello All -

This blog has treated me well as I have started down this crazy journey of building a business, but the time has come to pick up and move to our "new home".  If you are directed to this blog address, please click on the link below to be redirected to the new blog.

NEW BLOG ADDRESS: www.abbyevansphotography.com/theblog
WEBSITE ADDRESS: www.abbyevansphotography.com

Thank you for following along and I hope you keep reading.

:   ) Abby

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday, February 6, 2011

3 months later...

I got to spend Friday morning with the little newborn that I photographed 3 months ago.  She has grown, but those pretty blue eyes and sweet smile have stayed exactly the same as I remember.  She is looking more and more like her brother in small ways.  I did not notice most of them until I was reviewing photos once I got home. He is such a handsome little guy, so the resemblance leads me to believe Quinn is going to grow into one beautiful little girl!

We wanted to highlight this adorable red petty skirt that Jessica bought just for the Valentine's 3-month-birthday occasion and put the focus on Quinn, so we elected to do the photos with a white backdrop.  She wasn't phased for a second by the studio lights or the very large roll of white paper that suddenly took over her living room.  Quinn was all smiles.

In color... 

...in black and white. 

I think I like the black and white better.  I love that you can see more texture and depth when there is no color to draw your attention.  

Jessica had this blue blanket that we both thought was absolutely great with my basket! 

I really like this one!

Miss Quinn - I cannot wait to see where we are at 8 months!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have been enjoying winter and the small break provided to me.  I am ready to fire it up soon though.

The dogs are beginning to catch a little cabin fever before I even have.  They need to play fetch down the longest hallway in our house for at least 20 minutes everyday.  From the moment the wake up in the morning they start wrestling.

We are going to start counting down the last month of severe winter.  I hope it brings one more road trip with some fun winter sports involved.  I plan to utilize the white seamless background that I just purchased.  I am now stocked and ready with yards and yards.  But, most of all I hope to have a few more afternoons to read a book as the snow falls.

Buck up Northerners and enjoy the last bit of winter.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Open Air...

Happy New Year to each of you!

I would not say that I have spring fever, but I think my camera may be catching a small case.  I am enjoying the crisp cold air, the snow and the foods that you crave on a cold night.  I enjoy cuddling a little longer and having an excuse to stay in for the night.  I am looking forward to the open air of spring though.  I hope to have my calendar booked from wall to wall with kids that bloom right along with spring!  I cannot wait to play outside with my portrait kiddos again.  We will have all new colors, all new leaves, and all new memories to make!

While it is still winter though, revel in the chill with me!  Let's plan a shoot at your kitchen table and let your kids make a baked treat from scratch.  Since we have to stay in anyway, let's make portrait time your child's birthday party and capture that special day like never before.  Or, how about clearing off a wall with some hardwood floors under it and giving that special one year old a birthday cake to devour in nothing but a party hat and a diaper!  Let's fill a room with balloons and let your little one explore it!

Let's renew our spirits in this new year!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Small smiles...

There is a certain smile that only lovers share.  Smiles come in all sorts...ear-to-ear for your funny Uncle, 
tight and catching back tears for the Grandma that you haven't seen in forever, 
easy and genuine for that friend you see often.  

Then there are those smiles that only you can read on your mates face.  The smile that says "I love you" and leaves a shimmer in your eye.  The one that says "I know exactly how you feel".  Some linger, some beckon, some speak volumes.  To the one you love dearest there is no better feeling than communicating with a smile.  

Janie and Heath have those smiles.  

You see them pull at the sides of their mouth and give them the ability to say very little when moments call for quiet.  By the end of the night I could see them in Janie's eyes and I could  tell these two were "it".

The girls got ready all together at a local salon and then traveled to the church to dress.

Since it was so burrrr cold outside we decided to do Janie's photos in the chapel.  After all the bride's hair and make-up is of upmost importance!  Lucky for us we had some great options and Janie knew how to work the camera.

We photographed Heath at his home.  The guys all joined him around the pool table and some college football to prep for his big day.  Everyone looked very handsome and was eager to start the day.

The church was so inviting.  It was managed by an older married couple that greeted us like we were in their home.  Everyone felt welcome and warmed by the gathering in this chapel.

I love a dip for the first kiss!!! Nothing better in my opinion!!!

The wedding party danced down the aisle to Stuck on You by Sugarland.  It was impossible for me not to shake my booty right along with them...snap, shake, snap, shake, repeat! :  )

You have to look closely, but I love how Heath and Janie are framed in the small area of light stealing a second kiss after becoming husband and wife!

The sun had set shortly before the ceremony began so we continued portraits in the church and then departed for the party.

Thank you Janie and Heath for including me on your wonderful winter day.  I wish you all the best and I know in my heart that there are many years of joy to come for the two of you.